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Birth name – Danny Parker

Birthplace – Bristol

Current location – Bristol

Known as/MC name – Megatron

Aliases – Megz

Born – 1974

Genre(s) – Drum & Bass

How it started – I started my journey as a DJ playing on Magnum 105 FM in around 1990, 1991 and Ragga FM 93-94 in Bristol. I used to play Hip Hop, Dancehall, RnB and some Acid stuff, bleeps and bassline man! it was kind of a logical progression that i got into Hardcore Techno and then Jungle Techno. At this point I was going out to free party’s around the Southwest, St Paul’s illegal warehouse raves and twisted party’s. Oh man they were off da hook. Spirals in Yate, Brunel rooms Swindon and Gold Diggers in Chippenham. I hosted many shows with DJ’s like Die, Vinyl Junkie and Mash etc. Props to Mike Wiley and Ps R.I.P. In 1993 I hooked up with the Ledge Crew, Markee Ledge, DJ Dazee, Colin, Rachel and the whole crew and in 1993. Mark and the crew started putting on nights in Bristol called “Ruffneckting” in the Bank in Stokes Croft Bristol. After a brief period of time Ruffneck had enough followers and had to upgrade to a bigger venue. It went to Malcom X in St Paul’s. Depot, Trinity Hall, all the sessions were road blocked man! I hosted a show on Passion FM, me, J@kes, Dazee, Manic and Felony were the Ruffneck residents! this was the “Era of Jungle” and it was fresh man, funky fresh. Big up “Raw Master D” and “Mix Master M”. In 1995-1996 I kinda stopped raving because I had a young family and concentrated on them. J@kes who was the resident Mc at Ruffneck, along with myself took over and took his game to the next level. MC J@kes big across the globe, world wide bonafide, big up J@kes, peace. my love for the scene has never left me, I have done a few bits for various promos. For the past 3 years I have been working with Brooklyn on and we bring guest DJ’s everyweek to showcase whats new. I’m also currently resident MC for Intuition in Bristol and work with Joevirus. Props to Milton of Intense Promotions. I’m also doing work for United Sounds, so all around niceness. For me now it’s not about taking tingz inna music dem to seriously, you gotta have fun with it. You know if it stops being fun, leave it! My son is also an MC, he goes by the name of younger and big MC Inna Bristol. My daughter Chontelle sings and will blow up one day, so remember these words! Also YT’s big bruv T1NY is an MC/Producer 2deep. keep it real, keep it moving, keep it junglist, oioi 🙂


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