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Birth name – Joe Thompson

Birthplace – Bristol

Current location – Bristol, UK

Known as/DJ name – Joevirus

Born – 22/3/78

Genre(s) – Tech Drum & Bass, Liquid Drum & Bass and Neurofunk

I got into the dance scene roughly in 1993. I was still a school kid back then and only managed to bypass the age thing on the door as I helped Milton and Jamison who ran intense promotions. I soon became a valued member of the team and sold heaps of tickets for them.  Among other things 🙂 Back then I was more into techno than jungle, but still enjoyed jungle very much, especially artists like peshay dj crystal and ltj bukem
( there are to many more to list ). As time went on and the big divide from jungle to drum n bass was in full effect and the Bristol techno scene becoming more gabba orientated I found my self drifting back to drum n bass. Roughly around 1996/1998 Dnb started to split into sub genres And the tech step era was in motion. It wasn’t until I bought the worm hole ep from ed rush and optical and turbulence from moving fusion and shimon that I was totally converted to tech dnb. This was the turning point for me and I knew this is what I wanted to mix and eventually wrote. I started to dj techstep in and around Bristol regularly under the name dj virus. I was a resident for break and was picking up momentum as a dj when in October 2006 my now wife gave birth to our daughter Chloe. Being a new dad and juggling working shifts I took a break from djing and gave up my residency at break to concentrate on being a father.

In my spare time I learnt myself how to use Cubase and reason and started to produce beats. In 2008 I signed my first tune called the host to a net label called beataddiction where I met k4ry and arje who ran the label. This I also where I met my close friend Darkhalf. In 2009 I signed a number of tracks to extent records where I met up with Robbie (Darkhalf) again who was co running the label at the time.

In 2010 I signed another four tracks to a Bristol label called Urbanfront and two tracks to shoot the freak and another two to ukdnb.

Since then iv took a back seat on production to get djing and promoting to the forefront of my list of to do’s so to speak, and currently run intuition with my old friend from break Justin ( branston )

That’s the history in small detail the future is still developing daily with many things in the pipeline for intuition.

Check out Joevirus’ latest release ‘Zander’ on Dangerous New Ages Recordings here.




Joevirus Facebook Fan Page


Joethevirus Soundcloud

Joevirus Soundcloud



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