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Birth name – Martin Turner

Birthplace – Bristol

Current location – Somewhere in the vast musical universe

Known as/DJ name – DJ Endo

Born – 1982

Genre(s) – Jungle/Drum & Bass, Hip Hop and Turntablism/Scratching

How it started – Music touched me from a young age due to reasons such as: hearing my dad play ‘War Of The Worlds’, hearing and seeing Public Enemy on TV and listening to early Hardcore Rave music like The Prodigy, Sl2, Acen and Johnny L to name a few. It wasn’t until hearing tapes that a friend got off of his sister that I heard my first proper DJ set by Top Buzz, from Fantazia on New Years Eve 1991/92. It was from then that my passion for music really started to grow. After that I went and bought my first rave tape by DJ Ratty. Soon after that, the quest for more Hardcore and Jungle tape packs was on. Next thing then was the vinyl bug. It really caught me around 1995. By the end of 1996 I met my 2 good friends MR Scramble and MR Marky. I met them through attending many late night sessions on the weekends. I also had seen various schoolmates mixing Hardcore and Jungle, along with them supplying me mix tapes. I finally decided it was time to persuade my parents for money to buy a set of decks for Christmas. My good friend Mr Scramble helped me purchase them and taught me the basics of beat matching on two belt driven decks. I found it hard to start with, but it wasn’t long until I started developing my skills and vinyl collection. In the beginning, I started buying Drum & Bass and Jungle, along with a bit of Hardcore. After some time, I ended up sticking to Drum & Bass and Jungle for a good few years.

As time went on I got my first set of Technic 1210’s for my 18th birthday. It was then I had the ability to really learn how to mix properly. I also invested time in learning how to scratch. As time went on and my mixing and scratching skills started to develop, I began playing small sets and gigs around Bristol. By 2003 I had DJ’ed in a fair few Clubs and venues in and around Bristol. By the end of that year I discovered I was going to be a Dad, and so I decided to take a step back from playing out and concentrate on my Daughter. She has been the biggest inspiration out of everything 🙂

I carried on spinning at home, but my tastes had broadened by this time. I started to listen and buy Hip Hop. As I was just mastering many basic elements of becoming a Hip Hop DJ, I met my good friend DJ/turntablist ‘Touch1’. He helped me progress my skills further than I ever thought. From then on I knew that a ‘Turntablist’ was what I wanted to become. From watching many legendry DMC battle routines such as: DJ Cash Money, Aaladin, X men, I.S.P, Beat Junkies and after many hours, days, weeks, months and years later, along with much practice, the death of one of my biggest influences GM Roc Raida of the X-Men/Xecutioners (R.I.P), I decided to enter my first real DJ battle. With the help from Touch1, Quest and a few others who I will remain nameless here, but no way left out or forgotten. I plucked up the courage and entered the Cardiff regional DMC 2010 heat. After placing runner up in that, I decided to keep on battling. I entered Bristol’s ‘Start from Scratch’ battle and after four attempts, I took the title 3 times in a row, which really helped boost my confidence. In 2011 I decided to try the DMC’s again. I placed 3rd in the Bournemouth DMC regional. After that I decided to try the ‘UK DMC Battle for supremacy’. This was one of my proudest moments because I was not only judged by the likes of the Xecutioners, but I also got to perform on the same stage as them. This was such an honour for me. On top of all this, I managed to win my first round getting me through to the semi finals. I did lose this, but it did allow me to see how my hard work over the years was starting show. From that point, I knew it was time to start pushing myself to next levels.

My main concentration now is to further my turntable skills and carry on entering battles, play more DJ sets and gigs, move into production and try to establish myself as an artist, turntablist and DJ worldwide. I have been booked as a DJ for the likes of: Shoot the Freak, United Sounds, Skankers, Contraband Sessions, Break, Epiphany, Sabotage (Intense promotions) and most recently been made resident DJ at ‘Intuition’. I have met some wicked people along the way and hope to meet many more in the future.

I just want to finish by saying a massive thanks to all the people that have helped me keep in touch with music from mutual love and greater understanding and knowledge. I must big up Mr Scramble, Mr Marky, Shoot the Freak’s Icon Roller, Intuition’s Joe Virus, Mr Branston, Contrabands Session’s DJ Skint, Squared Roots, DJ Fingerfood Fabia, JDA Kut at Sensei FM and finally all my friends for giving me opportunities and keeping the faith and blessing me with your love support and respect over the years. Most of all to my Mum and Dad for putting up with the noise all these years and the constant Love and support you have given me and last but not least my beautiful daughter Destiny xxx


Endo Mixcloud

Endo Youtube

Endo Facebook

Endo Mixcrate

Check out my Internet radio show on http://www.sensei.fm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month where I am playing the dopest Hip Hop with a phat selection of dusty breaks and beats and a spicy strong touch of Turntablism 😉


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